Egypt.. Shocking video of a thief dragging a woman and two girls to steal a phone


The Egyptian security services are intensifying their efforts to search for a thief who lured a woman and two girls while stealing one of them’s mobile phone.

The security follow-up monitored a video circulating on one of the social networking site Facebook pages, which monitors the moment when a thief tried to snatch a mobile phone from two female students while they were walking on a street in Helwan, south of Cairo.

The video revealed the incident of theft and robbery in detail, where the thief who was driving a motorcycle hijacked the phone from a girl who was walking in a street, and while trying to escape, the girl’s bag clashed with the motorcycle and the thief dragged her and her friend.

The video revealed a woman’s attempt to save the two girls and catch the thief, but he also dragged her and managed to escape.

And the security services are intensifying their efforts to apprehend the accused.

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