Elon Musk will start implanting electronic chips in human brains next year (video)


Elon Musk will start implanting electronic chips in human brains next year (video)


American billionaire and businessman Elon Musk

Billionaire and American businessman Elon Musk announced that his technology company “Neuralink” hopes to start implanting electronic chips in human brains as of next year.

Musk’s announcement came during a face-to-face interview at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Board summit on Monday.

And the company “Neuralink”, founded by Musk in 2016, is developing a chip that is implanted in the brains of humans to record and stimulate brain activity simultaneously.

The chips are intended to have medical applications such as treating serious spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders.

When Musk was asked about Neuralink’s plans for 2022, he said: “The company is working really well with monkeys, and we’re actually doing a lot of testing, and we’re just making sure that it’s very safe and reliable, and the chip can be removed from the brain safely.”

He added, “We hope to apply this to our first humans over the next year, who will be people with severe spinal cord injuries, such as quadriplegia,” adding that he is pending approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.

He stated that his company Neuralink’s implant standards are well above the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements.

He wrote to his followers: “Progress will accelerate when we have devices in humans next year… It is difficult to have accurate conversations with monkeys.”

Source: “Business Insider”


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