Exciting details.. He is over 50 years old.. An amazing and shocking secret has been revealed behind the non-marriage of “Mustafa Shaaban” until today. You will not believe what is it?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>As is well known, there are some artists and artists who carry over their heads the responsibility of acting and creativity in it until they reach the point of fame and spread,

In this report, we will get to know a great artist who has a huge number of audience and followers from different places, but so far he has not looked at his private life. He is the artist, “Mustafa Shaaban”.

The great actor and artist “Mustafa Shaaban” was born in Egypt in 1970, meaning that he is currently 51 years old, as he studied at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University until he specialized in the Department of Public Relations

And the announcement of this college, and he started his artistic career in the world of fame and art in 1992, through his theatrical work “Bilal El Fasih Arab”.

After that, he turned to cinema and television through his first work, “Romantica”, followed by a number of other works, until he won the Best Actor Award in 1999, and after participating in a number of

Works with small roles, he was able, with his effort and talent, to present a cinematic work that is unique in his starring, which is the movie “The Ostrich and the Peacock” and other works.

Works of artist Mostafa Shaaban
Actor Mustafa Shaaban started his artistic career through a number of small works and roles.

Then he devoted himself to presenting several major cinematic and television works starring him, so the works he presented in the cinema are “The Chord – Code 36 – A Girl from Israel – Juba – Mafia – Open Your Eyes and others”.

As for the works in which he participated and presented on television, they are “Abu Jabal – Ayoub – Maulana the Lover – The Family of Hajj Metwally – Client 1001 – The Fourth Wife – Gynecologist – Abu Al Banat and others”, and because of all these works he presented, he had a large number of audiences who They are waiting for him all the time because of his talent that distinguishes him from other artists.

The secret of Mustafa Shaaban’s non-marriage
Artist Mustafa Shaaban stated in one of his television interviews that he loved a girl from a European country very much, but this love did not last for many reasons that stood in front of them.

Shaaban stated that he has not married yet because he did not find a girl who could share his personal life with him, and he also said that he does not want the marriage that is taking place now, which is the marriage in the traditional way.

Pointing out that he also does not want to marry anyone from this field because he prefers to marry a woman who is completely devoted to him and does not occupy her with anything else, and therefore he has not found the girl he wants so far.


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