FilGoal | News | Al Hilal of Sudan for the Joule: We are confident of going up..and we will play in our stadium


Al-Fadil Al-Tom, assistant head of the Normalization Committee in the Sudanese Crescent, stressed that his team will play its matches in the African Champions League in Sudan.

Al-Tom’s statement to came despite the Confederation of African Football (CAF) banning playing matches at the Blue Jewel Stadium, but the club submitted a request to exclude him with a promise to fix the lighting problems in the stadium.

Al-Tom said: “The lottery is good. I am confident that Al Hilal will advance to the quarter-finals.”

“We will play in Sudan, we are confident of that. The decision will be changed,” he said.

A source with enough for the Joule: The stadiums of 6 teams were excluded from the African Champions League..and alternative stadiums

Al-Ahly, the defending champion and the historical champion of the competition, signed in the first group, which includes the former team Peso Mosimane of the South African Sundowns, and Al-Hilal and Al-Marreikh of the Sudan.

Al-Ahly defeated Al-Hilal of Sudan in the group stage 2-0 in Cairo, and drew 1-1 in Omdurman.


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