FilGoal | News | Ayman Shawky: I made a mistake by leaving Al-Ahly… and my father was a fanatic, Zamalek


Ayman Shawky, the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek player, stressed his feeling of injustice within Al-Ahly, but he believes that he made a mistake by leaving the team

Shawky said in statements on Al-Ahly channel: “I left Al-Ahly because I felt some injustice from coach Alan Harris, and I made a mistake because I did not talk to any of Al-Ahly’s officials.”

And he continued, “I made a mistake by not agreeing to sit back up after I scored four goals in three games and admitted my mistake, but I felt wronged, and after that the coach began to marginalize me and did not involve me for long periods, and this method continued for two seasons.”

He continued, “My contract was to expire at the end of the season, and Al-Ahly had won all the championships, so I thought that I would not participate in the next season, but my decision to leave Al-Ahly was wrong.”

He added, “We received a call from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and the next day, my father and I were preparing to travel to Cairo to meet Al-Ahly officials, but we were surprised by the Zamalek officials who came to our house, and after knowing them, they decided to take us to Cairo themselves.”

And he concluded, “All the way, Zamalek officials were trying to convince us to join the club, but my father was determined to go to Al-Ahly to abide by the time he gave the club, although he was a fanatical Zamalek, but he thought that it was better to play in Al-Ahly.”

Shawky had signed for Al-Ahly and played with the team for 10 years before leaving and joining Zamalek for three years.


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