Finally, Ali Maaloul continues with the Tunisian national team in the Arab Cup


A reporter for Tunisian Radio Mosaique FM revealed that Ali Maaloul will continue with the Tunisian national team in the Arab Cup, despite the injury he sustained after the Mauritania match.

The Tunisian radio correspondent said that Ali Maaloul will certainly continue with the national team, and a continuous examination of Yassin Chikhaoui’s condition will be taken to make the final decision on whether or not he will continue with the Carthage Eagles.

Corona hit the Tunisian national team defender and Zamalek team Hamza Mathlouthi, who will continue to be quarantined for 10 days.

Ali Maaloul and Yassin Chikhaoui underwent medical examinations after the victory over Mauritania, in light of the frequent news that the two were unable to catch up with Tunisias matches in the tournament, which turned out to be incorrect and Maaloul continued to defend his country’s shirt in the tournament.


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