France to design a multi-use rocket to compete with SpaceX


France is investing in a project to design a light, multi-use rocket to be able to compete with the American company “SpaceX” in the space rocket market.

According to the “RT” website, this was announced by the French Finance Minister, Briono Le Mar, at a press conference held by the French satellite company Ariane Group.

He said, “We did not expect us to be late for our American partners, especially the “SpaceX” company, which designed the “Falcon” multi-use rocket and made a quantum leap in the development of technologies.”

The minister added that the French company Ariane Group will launch a project for small-sized and multi-use missiles to be available to Europeans and to compete with the American “SpaceX”.

According to the minister, prototypes of the missile are expected to appear within 4 years, and it is expected to start using them by 2026. In addition, the Ariane Group must obtain government support to start using the heavy Ariane 6 missiles.

He explained that European satellites and spacecraft should be launched by European missiles, as the Americans give priority to American-made missiles, just like the Chinese.

It is noteworthy that “Ariane 6” is a new generation of missiles of the European “Ariane” family and has two models: the first is the medium missile equipped with two accelerator units, capable of carrying 5 tons, and the second is the missile equipped with 4 acceleration units to carry 10 tons of payload.

A launch pad for Ariane 6 missiles has been established at Kourou space airport in French Guiana, the first of which is expected to be launched in 2022.


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