He embezzled 3.5 million pounds.. The judicial guard was imprisoned for the legacy of the car emperor in Egypt


He embezzled 3.5 million pounds.. The judicial guard was imprisoned for the legacy of the car emperor in Egypt


Egypt.. The judicial guard was imprisoned over the legacy of the auto emperor in Egypt for embezzling 3.5 million pounds

The Cairo Criminal Court ruled, in presence, to dismiss the judicial guard over the estate of a businessman Shahrash G. One of the emperors of car dealers in Egypt, and imprisoned him for 3 years.

The judiciary convicted the accused of embezzling a sum of about 3.5 million pounds from the estate funds entrusted with judicial custody.

In its ruling, the court said that within the period from April 24, 2012 until October 25, 2019 in his capacity as a public servant (the authorized judicial custodian pursuant to the judgment issued in Case No. 16 of 2010, urgent hostile to receiving notables from the estate of S.A., managing it and depositing the net revenues of the property in question) Guarding the court’s treasury, after deducting expenses and fees, embezzled money found in his possession because of his job, and Anfa Labayan described him as embezzling an amount of about 3.5 million pounds, by collecting about 89 million pounds from the revenues of the companies under guard, about 84.5 million pounds was deposited from him, and the difference was embezzled between them for himself with the intention of owning it, claiming that it was a fee for him without it being assessed by virtue of custody, or a judgment has been passed approving it or an agreement regarding it.

The court stated that the incident, according to its certainty, was that, on January 26, 2011, the Maadi Civil Court issued a ruling in Case No. 216 of 2010, Maadi Express, which was filed by Sh. n. For itself and as a guardian of the minor t. st. against st. NS. And others request a judgment imposing judicial custody and appointing a guard from among the experts of the table to inventory the elements of the estate of the deceased, receive and manage the elements of the estate, collect the proceeds and preserve it until the settlement of the dispute between them, which is related to proving the lineage of the son of the filer of the case to the deceased, which is what was done.

Source: “Cairo 24” Egyptian website

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