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10:09 PM | Wednesday 01 December 2021

The Tunisian Federation reveals the details of Ali Maaloul’s injury: he is undergoing new tests

Ali Maaloul

The Tunisian Football Association issued an official statement regarding the injury Ali Maaloul And not to play Mauritania in the opening match of the Arab Cup, after many Tunisian media reported that Maaloul will leave the team’s camp due to his injury and will not continue with the Carthage Eagles.

The Tunisian Federation said in its statement:

Today, Wednesday, the national team began preparing for the match that will bring it together on Friday against its Syrian counterpart at eight o’clock at night, Tunisia time, in the second round of Group Two competitions in Arab Cup FIFA Qatar 2021, and the national coach Munther Al-Kabeer divided the players into two groups.

New examinations of Sheikhawi and Maaloul

The statement added: “The duo, Ali Maaloul and Yassin Al-Shekhawi, underwent tests this morning, pending that they will be subjected to new tests later.”

He continued, “The team camp knew that the duo Moataz Al-Zadadam and Jasir Khamiri joined them, after the national coach invited them to participate in the competitions to replace Ayman Abdel Nour and Anis bin Suleiman. This duo enjoyed special preparations.”

Conflict about Ali Maaloul

Tunisian press reports had conflicting information about Ali Maaloul, as FM radio stated that Maaloul had been excluded from the Tunisian national team camp, while another radio station, specifically Mawazek, confirmed that Maaloul was still continuing normally with the Carthage Eagles, and his position has not been determined so far.

It is expected that the Tunisian national team will officially announce in the coming hours the final fate of Ali Maaloul, whether he continues in the championship or the final exclusion and not participating in the upcoming matches.


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