I frightened and frightened everyone a lot.. I bled and the director stopped filming immediately.. The most difficult scene in Yusras life in front of the leader, Adel Imam! sexy details


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The movie “Resala to Al-Wali” is considered one of the best films presented by the two stars, Adel Imam and Yousra, during their series of films together. The movie achieved great success when it was released in 1998.


Because it contained a strange idea belonging to a man who came from the past to our world to meet the governor, which caused a comedy stemming from the situations in which the leader falls.

But what many do not know about the film is that one of its scenes caused a wound in Yusras back when the late Mustafa Metwally threatened Adel Imam by ripping her dress during a scene that no one who watched it expected that it might cause panic and panic to the filming crew and those present in the scene.

As soon as Mustafa Metwally grabbed the dress and pulled it, Yousra screamed terribly because of her severe pain, because the dress was not designed as it had been agreed upon, in a way that it fell as soon as it was caught by Metwally, as its threads were very strong, contrary to what was expected, so it was not easy to cut it on Yosras back.

Consequently, with Metwally’s strength and the severity of the threads, Yosras body bled to scream and filming stopped, then everyone was forced to check on the big star from director Nader Galal and Adel Imam, along with Mustafa Metwally, who continued to offer a series of apologies to Yosra.

After a period of reassurance about Yusra, the big star was keen to complete the filming, in order to finish it so that they would not have to disrupt it and start again during another day.

This is what Yousra and all the big stars are always used to in their work because they believe in the importance of time in completing their work.


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