In a clever and unexpected way, the most famous star of seduction was saved by Hussein Fahmy. In the last moments of Khadesh movie..Won’t you expect who she is?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Egyptian star Hussein Fahmy is an Egyptian actor of Circassian origin, born in Cairo to an aristocratic family in which his grandmother, Muhammad Pasha Fahmy, was head of the Shura Council. 


His father, Mahmoud Pasha Fahmy, is the secretary of the Shura Council, and his grandmother is Amina Hanim al-Manasterly, the owner of the Manasterly Rest House.

He graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1963, and studied directing in the United States at the University of California, and after he returned, Hassan Al-Imam discovered him as an actor, so he postponed the directing project in order to work as an actor between cinema, theater and television.

He headed the Cairo International Film Festival for several years, after the death of its president, Saad El-Din Wahba. He won Best Actor Awards for his films (My Blood, My Tears and My Smile, Brothers Enemy,

The bullet is still in my pocket, pay attention, gentlemen), and the award for best film research on the director-actor’s relationship at the Niles Festival in 1983. He managed to be the handsome golden-haired boy in many of his first films,

Then he proved himself to be a talented actor in (Brothers Enemy, Shame, Pay Attention Gentlemen) movies.

Hussein Fahmy said about the pornographic scenes in the movie “The Black Moons” in which he participated: “When I shot the movie The Lady of the Black Moons in Lebanon,

After I returned to Egypt, the director added scenes, and the film broke the world, and Professor Wajih Abu Zekry wrote that the artists who participated in the film must be excluded from the syndicate, and it will be verified with them.

Fahmy indicated that the film’s organizers used Doppler to present these scenes within the film, and Fahmy continued:

I went to my lawyer and told him I wanted to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor, and I went to meet the Attorney General.” And “a technical committee was formed and they proved that there are scenes added to the movie that do not belong to me or the artist, Nahed Yousry,

The incident was proven to the Public Prosecutor, but then the civil war broke out in Lebanon and we were unable to find the director of the film, and the days passed and I met the director at the Cannes Festival and actually hit him.

Hussein Fahmy confirmed that there were production parties that were deliberately impersonating Egyptian actors or manipulating the montage in order to increase pornographic scenes within their films, thus obtaining high sales.

In the same context, Hussein Fahmy revealed that he had saved the famous Egyptian actress Madiha Kamel from being involved in a pornographic movie, as he revealed that he had found a journalist publishing information that Madiha Kamel had participated in a pornographic movie shown in London,

At that time, Fahmy was on a visit to London, so he went to the cinema there and watched the film, and found the heroine of the film similar to Madiha Kamel,

So he agreed with one of the photographers to take pictures of all the posters for this movie, and he took a “raw” copy of the movie and demanded Madiha Kamel to file a case,

Indeed, the film was developed and submitted to the competent authorities, and it was proven that the actress is not Madiha Kamel, but she is a woman who looks like her.


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