In an exceptional conference after monitoring “Omicron” .. Saudi health warns the residents of the Kingdom


This afternoon, Wednesday, December 1, the Saudi Ministry of Health held an exceptional press conference on the developments of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom, after detecting the first infection with the new mutant of the Corona virus “Omicron.”

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad Al-Abdali, said that the ministry conducted an investigation of the case infected with the Omicron mutant, and those in contact with it were identified, stressing that the Kingdom has the ability and experience in dealing with the pandemic and various epidemics.

Al-Abd Al-Aali indicated that describing the “Omicron” strain as “alarming” means the possibility of changing the patterns and behaviors of the virus that affect its strength, pointing out that there is not enough information so far about the Omicron mutant, adding that it has been monitored in more than 21 countries on different continents. .

The Saudi health spokesman called for the necessity of caution and adherence to the application of health measures to confront the pandemic, which includes wearing a mask, especially in closed and crowded places, constantly washing and sterilizing hands, completing immunization with vaccine doses, and obtaining a booster dose 6 months after the second dose to reduce the chances of infection, in addition to To adhere to the precautionary measures during travel and after arriving in the countries to be reached.

He added: “Whoever appears to him in the application of our trust that he is in contact with an infected person has a religious, moral and patriotic duty to adhere to the quarantine in order to protect others.”

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali warned against following rumors, and obtaining information only from official sources and official accounts.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia recorded today, Wednesday, (34) new cases of coronavirus, and (1) death, and (26) cases of recovery were recorded.


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