In the Arab world, a Gulf country leads the way in per capita GDP for the year 2021


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)— According to data issued by the International Monetary Fund, which shows the per capita GDP in the countries of the world. Qatar topped the Arab countries with the highest share of GDP per capita for the year 2021, with an average size of 61.7 thousand US dollars.

The GDP per capita is one of the best measures of countries’ wealth, as it provides knowledge of the average living standards of the citizens of each country, while showing a representation of the amount of goods and services created for each individual.

Following the classification of Arab countries, the Gulf countries topped the list. The UAE came in second with an average of $43.5 thousand, followed by Kuwait in third place with an average of $27.9 thousand in Balkh. In fourth place, Bahrain came with an average of 26.9 thousand dollars, followed by Saudi Arabia with an average of 23.6 thousand dollars per capita of GDP.

Here is a look at the infographic above on the ranking of Arab countries according to the average per capita GDP for the year 2021.

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