It will change your life.. 5 “amazing” benefits of drinking water as soon as you wake up


According to several studies, this simple practice provides positive results in terms of health, which prompted a journalist on the “DIU Projects” site to try the method for a whole month, and record the results.

recovery and lightness

After a month of exercise Drinking water Upon waking up, the journalist said: “A few days after I started drinking water in the morning, I started feeling lighter. I felt like my body was removing toxins more easily.”


The journalist confirmed that the new habit helped her to tolerate the diet that she followed, as she did not feel the “annoying hunger that comes every hour”, and the desire to eat light food between meals.

lose weight

“In addition to feeling less hungry, my digestion is no longer slow and heavy,” the journalist said. “My high energy level motivated me to exercise more and more.”


The owner of the experience indicated that she had previously suffered from indigestion, as well as acidity, but these problems disappeared by drinking water in the morning, and the feeling of acidity after meals was absent.


The journalist also confirmed the great effect she noticed on her skin from the water: “People used to tell me that I look older than my age. Since I started the water treatment, the wrinkles on my face have reduced and now my skin looks healthy, radiant and glowing.”

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