It’s like a Harry Potter movie.. Pakistani students turn their university into a magic school


Pakistani students have transformed their 150-year-old campus into a Hogwarts school of witchcraft from the movie “Harry Potter”, where a similar festival is being held.Government College University in Lahore, eastern Pakistan, often reminds its students of the Harry Potter world imagined by British writer J.K. Rowling, given its vast halls and high arched corridors, according to (Al Ain News).

“I can’t believe I’m in Hogwarts while I’m in Lahore… It was a fun experience,” said student participating in the festival, Radia Alam.

Dressed in Harry Potter-inspired costumes, wands and witches’ hats, the students greet the audience in what they’ve transformed into a “Great Hall” at Hogwarts, adorned with brooms, bats, and even a place for preparing mysterious magical drinks.

The scene completes with music from the Harry Potter films as the students pretend to cast spells and pose for pictures in witch school uniforms.

The university’s vice president, Dr. Asghar Zaidi, who is himself a fan of the Harry Potter literary and cinematic series, noted that “most of these young people grew up at the stage in which Rowling’s novels and then films” were published, and added that “the architecture of the university reminds them of Hogwarts.”


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