Japanese astronauts prepare to land on the moon


The Japanese government intends to send its astronauts to the moon, where they will land on its surface in the second half of the twenties, this was announced by Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kesida, in a government consensus held in Tokyo to discuss the strategy of reclaiming cosmic space, according to RT.

This was reported by the Japanese “Kyodo” agency, which said that the landing of Japanese astronauts is planned to be implemented within the framework of a large-scale program in the orbit and on the surface of the moon, which will be achieved in cooperation with the United States of America.

The Japanese Space Agency announced the acceptance of applications to participate in the competition to nominate astronauts to undertake space flights to the moon, knowing that the Japanese astronaut team currently includes 7 individuals with an average age of 52 years, and most of them are expected to retire by the 30s.

It is noteworthy that Tokyo decided in 2019 to join the American lunar program “Artemis” and signed with NASA a cooperation agreement in the field of lunar reclamation.

The order is to cooperate in the supply of hardware and equipment, the joint design of the lunar rover and the sending of Japanese astronauts to the moon.


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