Johnson: The best preacher and the ninth closest to me… and a private message to Sami Kommas


Kevin Johnson, the former general coach of the former Al-Ahly technical staff, spoke about the time he spent with the team during the last season and the championship.

Al-Ahly had announced the departure of Johnson at the beginning of the current season, accompanied by a former performance analyst, who urged Sami Komsoun to be appointed to his position.

Johnson said during statements on the “Sixth” program broadcast on Al-Ahly channel, where he stressed that he is very proud and proud of working within the technical staff of the largest team in Africa.

And Johnson continued, in his statements: “I salute the board of directors of Al-Ahly club and the technical staff led by Mister Mosimani and the players, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib is the best club president I have dealt with, and he is the best player in the history of Egyptian football from my point of view.“.

He added, “The African Champions League championship, which Al-Ahly was crowned at the expense of its rival, Zamalek, is the biggest achievement of Musimani’s era with Al-Ahly.“.

He continued: “Mosimane’s success with Al-Ahly contributed to the promotion of the reputation of the African coach in a large way, and I wish Percy Tao success.”

He concluded his speech by sending two messages, the first to Sami Kommas, the assistant coach, saying that he is the most personable person He helped him communicate and understand the culture of Al-Ahly players. The other message was for Al-Ahly fans, thanking them for welcoming him during his work within the walls of Al-Jazira Castle.


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