Keanu Reeves reveals that the Matrix Resurrections filming is different from the original films


Keanu Reeves revealed that filming The Matrix Resurrections was a completely different experience than the previous Matrix films, which required little practice.

During his interview with Entertainment WeeklyThe Matrix Resurrections star has compared the original Matrix trilogy with the upcoming movie.

“she was [واكوفسكي] More behind the screen” but was more down-to-earth engagement, Reeves said of the original films, but with Resurrections he added:[كانت] She is more involved in camera movement, more concerned with execution than training.”

He admitted that during the filming of The Matrix Resurrections they rarely, if ever, trained.

Matrix Resurrections sees Keanu Reeves return as Thomas “Neo” Anderson, the protagonist of the original Matrix Trilogy. The film will be released in cinemas and HBO Max on December 22, 2021.


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