Laila Koura source: Ayman Ashraf’s career in the Arab Cup has ended


A source in the technical staff of the Egyptian national team explained that Ayman Ashraf’s injury will prevent him from completing the Arab Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar.

Ashraf was injured in the first minutes during the confrontation between Egypt and Algeria at the end of the group stage of the tournament, which ended in a positive tie with one goal for each team.

The source, who preferred not to be named, indicated, in exclusive statements by Laila Koura, that the team’s medical staff contacted his counterpart in Al-Ahly to discuss the treatment plan.

And the source continued: “Al-Ahly is currently negotiating with the national team for the return of Ayman Ashraf to Cairo, to complete his treatment with his club.”

On the other hand, the medical staff is trying to rehabilitate the national team’s defender Ahmed Hegazy, to be ready if the back muscle responds, to participate in the Arab Cup semi-final match if he qualified.

The source indicated that the Saudi Al Ittihad Club requested a comprehensive report on the case of Hijazi’s injury.

The x-rays performed by Hegazy and Ashraf confirmed that the first had a strain in the posterior muscle and that Ayman Ashraf had sprained the knee ligament.

The Pharaohs are preparing to face Jordan next Saturday afternoon in the Arab Cup quarter-finals.


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