Latest update for Google Pixel Buds A Series headphones brings new options


Google has rolled out a new firmware update for the Pixel Buds A-Series true wireless earbuds. The update brings several new features and improvements to the earbuds that include a new volume slider, loudness compensation setting, and improved connectivity.

The firmware version of the update 282 will soon be rolling out to all Google Pixel A-Series earphones in the coming days, and the company has also confirmed that the update will install automatically if the earphones are connected to an Android 10 or higher device, and for older devices, users will need the Pixel Buds app To install updates, Google has also provided the option to install the update manually, if it doesn’t happen automatically.

The most obvious change the update brings is the new bass slider that allows users to choose from four steps of bass levels, just to point out that Pixel Buds A-Series previously had a bass boost option, but that was just a toggle to turn it on or off. The new option will allow users to adjust the bass effect from the earbuds.

Another major change is in terms of connectivity, as Pixel Buds A-Series will now automatically revert to the second last device it was connected to if the connection to the last connected device fails, for example, if you’re using Pixel Buds A Series with a tablet and it has been turned off. If you have Bluetooth turned on in some way or you do not have the tablet with you at the moment, it will automatically connect to your smartphone if it was connected to that before the tablet.


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