Learn about the first problem list in the Football Association elections.. Hazem Imam with Barakat


The seventh day reveals the names of the first list that was formed in preparation for the Football Association elections to choose a new board of directors, which is scheduled for January 5th.

The list includes a group of names that are in themselves a great surprise and came as follows:

Jamal Allam Rais

Khaled Al-Dardali, deputy


Hazem Emam

Mohamed Barakat

Ahmed Ibrahim Mujahid

Mohammed Abu Al-Wafa

Sahar Abdelhak.

The rest of the names of the list were not finally reached, although this is the basic structure.

The elections of the Football Association are held according to some amendments to the regulation, foremost of which is the application of the 8-year clause, ascendingly and retroactively, so that everyone who has spent on the Board of Directors of the Football Association two continuous or separate sessions is not entitled to run again except for a higher position than he was in the previous two sessions. The amendments approved by FIFA also included holding the upcoming elections with a closed list system, and that the council would consist of 9 members, consisting of a president, a deputy, 6 members and a seat for women.


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