Like a mermaid on earth; Wael Kfoury’s daughter, with her innocent childlike beauty and attractive features, fascinates the attention and draws the lights with her picture on the first day of school, and you will not imagine the degree of similarity between them! a witness


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The daughter of the Lebanese star, Wael Kfoury, grabbed the spotlight with her distinctive photo, which was published by her mother, Angela Bishara, through the Story feature on her Instagram account, as she documented the photo of their daughter, her first day of school.


The image was widely circulated among followers on social networking sites, especially that Wael Kfoury is one of the stars who prefer to keep their personal lives away from the social media, but his separation from the mother of his two daughters left space for their appearance to the public, albeit slightly.

Wael Kfoury’s daughter appeared in her classroom, wearing a muzzle, and signs of happiness covering her face, so that her mother wrote a comment on the photo, saying: “We went back to school.”

And amid the audience’s interaction with the photo, some expressed their admiration for Wael Kfoury’s young daughter, making a comparison in which they confirmed that the similarity between her and her father was clear.

The return of Wael Kfoury’s daughter to the classroom, accompanied by many students in Lebanon, comes after a period of forced closure of educational places; due to the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona virus.
And Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife had previously reviewed the value of alimony on her two daughters, in a clear note that it was not enough for the needs, which made her mock her value after she received it via a bank “cheque”.

This was done through the “Story” feature in “Instagram”, which came at a value of 6 million Lebanese pounds, equivalent to 355 US dollars, expressing clear mockery of the Lebanese currency and its lack of value; Because it cannot fulfill the obligations.

It is noteworthy that the crisis between Wael Kfoury and Angela Bishara ended with a final settlement away from the arenas and disputes of the judiciary, after they signed an agreement requiring a full settlement. Press reports confirmed that Bishara signed a written pledge to MP Hadi Hobeish, in his capacity as an agent for her ex-husband.



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