Like an angel from heaven Nancy Ajram’s daughter (Lea) .. Watch her first appearance after she grew up and became a copy of her mother with her childish features and beautiful eyes (photo)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Mila appeared in the picture with different features, especially since she started in her teens, as she was 12 years old last May.


Mila is very similar to Nancy, and she looks like a miniature version of her. She possesses many of her features as well as many of her qualities as well.

We often hear many popular proverbs that refer to the great resemblance between a girl and her mother, such as the famous popular proverb “A daughter is to her mother”, but is it true that a girl resembles her mother in many things, and what is the opinion of science in that?

A daughter to her mother is a scientific fact
Scientists and experts have proven that the similarity between mother and daughter is not limited to the shape or character only, but extends to include the psychological state of the mother as well, as the girl may be affected by the psychological problems that occur to her mother.

In many cases, the girl may act similar to the mother’s, and those around her may notice, to prove a scientific fact that hair color, eyes, or height are no longer the only traits that a daughter inherits from her mother.



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