Live broadcast.. the moment the lady of chivalry was transferred to the hospital after being dragged by a thief


The seventh day conducted a live broadcast for the moment the lady of chivalry was transferred to the hospital after she was dragged by a thief, after the need for Bushra confronted the thief after he dragged two girls in Helwan, trying to steal them, and put herself in danger.

The security services were able to arrest the accused by dragging a woman and two girls after stealing a phone in the Helwan area..

And a video was monitored on social media pages, stating that a motorcyclist had kidnapped a mobile phone from two girls, as they were walking in the Al-Izbat Al-Bahariya area – Department of Helwan Department.

While the two girls were trying to catch up and stop the accused, he bumped into one of the women as she crossed the road and managed to escape.

Through the aforementioned clip, the victims were identified as: “Alaa.M.A.”, 14 years old, a student, and the resident of the marine farm – Helwan, who has abrasions to the knee, and “Sama.M.A.” 12 years old, a student residing at the same address, and “Bushra.” S.A., 59 years old, a housewife.

By asking their father, called “Mohammed A.M.”, residing at the same address, he supported and confirmed what was stated in the examination, by moving to the location of the incident, and checking the cameras, it was possible through the escape route to identify the accused, “Ahmed. A.” 18 years old, unemployed, and resident of Ezbet Khalil, The press was arrested, and when confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, instructed on the mobile phone, and was presented to the Public Prosecution, which ordered the detention of the accused in the incident.

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