Maghreb derby and a difficult confrontation for Jordan against Egypt in the Arab Cup


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The second day of the Arab Cup quarter-finals in football in the Qatari capital will witness a fiery confrontation between the two poles of Maghreb football, the Moroccan team and its Algerian counterpart, while Jordan seeks to overcome the Egyptian team, the difficult number in the tournament.

Morocco had started strongly in the Arab Cup, winning by two clean fours over Palestine and Jordan, while it overtook Saudi Arabia with a clean goal to qualify at the top of its third group with the full score.

For its part, Algeria qualified again from Group D, with a fair play difference from Egypt, after a draw on points (7) and goal difference (7), as Algeria beat Sudan 4-0, and Lebanon 2-0, before drawing with Egypt 1-1.

Moroccan coach Al-Hussein Ammouta relies on several strengths, most notably Abdelilah Al-Hafidhi, who grabbed the spotlight in the group stage, and who will face a strong confrontation with the captain of the Algerian national team, Yassine Brahimi.

Many observers say that the winner of this match will inevitably be in the final, and perhaps a champion of the Arab Cup, as the two teams showed their fangs from the beginning and established themselves as strong candidates for the title.

Prior to the quarter-final summit, the “Atlas Lions” had previously met with the “Desert Warriors” in 2019 in the qualifiers for the African Championship for local players. At that time, they tied 0-0 in the first leg, before the Moroccan settled matters in his favour, by three clean goals in the second leg.

Morocco also excels in its last confrontations with Algeria in all official matches, starting with the 1986 African Nations Cup in Egypt, which ended in a draw, and in 1988 with the victory of the Atlas Lions with a goal for free.

They also faced each other in the second round of the African Nations Cup in Tunisia 2004, where Morocco won 3-1, before Morocco renewed its victory with a clean four in the year 2012 during the qualifiers for the same tournament, after it had lost 1-0 in the first leg.

A double confrontation between Egypt and Jordan

On the other hand, Jordan seeks to achieve the first surprises in the Arab Cup when it faces its Egyptian counterpart on Saturday at Al Janoub Stadium.

Jordan qualified for the quarter-finals, occupying second place in Group C with 6 points from two wins over Saudi Arabia 1-0 and Palestine 5-1, behind Morocco, while the Egyptian team qualified for the fourth group, with a fair play difference from Algeria with 7 points from two wins over Sudan 5- Zero, Lebanon 1-0 and tied with Algeria 1-1.

The confrontation will not be easy for the Jordan national team, which is missing a number of players, either due to injury or due to the Corona virus.

And absent from the ranks of Jordan, led by Iraqi coach Adnan Hamad, the trio Muhammad Al-Damiri, Ahmed Sarra and Baha Faisal due to injury, Muhannad Khairallah, who is infected with the Corona virus, in addition to Yazan Al-Arab, who suffers from a minor injury that may prevent him from participating in the Egyptian team, who also misses the trio Ahmed Hegazy. Ayman Ashraf and Akram Tawfiq due to injury.

Among the Jordanian national team, Hamza Al-Dardour, Yassin Al-Bakhit, Bahaa Abdel-Rahman, Mahmoud Mardi and Nour Al-Rawabdeh, in addition to Ali Alwan and Yazan Al-Nuaimat, who scored two goals in the last match against Palestine.

While the return of Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” is good news for Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz, along with the experience of goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy and players Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh”, Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, Amr Al-Sulayya, Hussein Faisal, Marwan Hamdi, and Mohamed Sherif.

The Jordan national team defeated its Egyptian counterpart 1-0 in the last match that brought the two teams together in 2016. Coaches Hamad and Queiroz faced each other twice in 2012 in two friendly matches that witnessed 2-2 and 0-0 draws, when Hamad was coach of Jordan and Queiroz coach of the Emirates.


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