Meteorology: The weather is relatively stable, starting tomorrow


Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Prediction Center at the Meteorological Authority, said that stability has started from tomorrow weather condition Relatively over Cairo, and the rest of the republic, adding that the reason for the drop in temperatures today is high air coming from Europe.

He added, during a telephone interview with the media, Mohamed Mustafa Sherden, on his Al-Hayat Al-Youm program, which is broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, that what is happening today is an air depression coming from Europe, and the wind speed reached more than 27 kilometers per hour and led to the waves rising to 4 and a half meters.

He added that Nawat Qassem will start raining on Saturday and will cause waves to rise in Alexandria and will continue until next Sunday, adding: “Meteorology expects that in the year 2100 the sea water will increase by a meter in low areas, but there are scenarios that the meteorologists work on, even if the worst is on the Swahili beaches and low-lying areas will be dealt with and raised so as not to cause any problems this year.”

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