Mohamed Rashad announces his engagement again a year after his separation from Mai Helmy (video) | news


A year after his separation from his media ex-wife, Mai Helmy, artist Mohamed Rashad announced his engagement again.

During his meeting with the ET Arabic program, Muhammad Rashad announced that he would be engaged again and that the date of the engagement would be set during the coming period.

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Muhammad Rashad responded to the fact that he sent veiled messages to his ex-wife, Mai Helmy, through his songs, and said, “I do not have any hidden messages, the issue is not intended, the idea is that our Lord sends me something at this time and people link events to each other, and this is not true, and the song I am not slandering has nothing to do with anything.

And Muhammad Rashad continued, “I am annoyed by people’s comments, that when you are in another place and focus in your work, you meet people with a designer who connects you with another need, and I, like Muhammad Rashad, am interested in hearing and implementing a sweet song in a respectful manner, and why not invite people to receive songs how, because I focus on In the next song.

And about the song of Ibn Al-Asl, Muhammad Rashad said, “You are talking about the person who deals with assets and meets people who are not nice in his life and you do not talk about me, but this is a general situation that anyone can live in.”

It is noteworthy that Mai Helmy sparked controversy during the month of Ramadan after the exchanged statements between her and her ex-singer, Mohamed Rashad, through the episodes of the “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jari’a” program, because of their talk about the scenes of their relationship and the reasons for the separation.

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