Muhammad Najati: There is no problem with Menna Arafa and my crisis is with her husband


The artist, Mohamed Najati, spoke about the scenes of his crisis with Menna Arafa and her husband, who topped the social networking sites during the last period, in addition to talking about his new series, Villa 101.

Muhammad Nagati said, in an exclusive statement to Cairo, that the artist, Menna Arafa, did not object to the scenario of the series Villa 101 after the crisis, saying: My problems were not with Menna Arafa, but with her husband, when he objected to the scenario that was agreed upon.

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Negati continued: My relationship with Menna Arafa is perfect and there are no problems between us, all my problem was that my name was put on her husband’s page, not on hers, and we preferred 4 or 5 days and finished filming the series Villa 101.

Najati added: I have good luck, because from my childhood I work with big stars, who are my teachers, but I did not have good luck that I worked with the leader, Adel Imam and Yahya Al-Fakhrani, and I myself worked with them.

Muhammad Nagati concluded, saying: You will benefit from the director, even if he is new, as he has a need that does not belong to anyone else, and each of us has a talent that our Lord has placed in him, and I try to benefit from every one who works with him, whether an actor or director, and I attend such a need for Ramadan 2022, but when we decide We will announce, but until now, I don’t know a specific need, and I still don’t know.

The Villa 101 series In a related context, the Villa 101 series, directed and written by Mamdouh Zaki, and a large number of artists participated in the series, including Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Bossi Shaheen, Menna Arafa, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Wafa Qamry, and Mohamed Dakkak.

Najati presents the character of a gynecologist, and he is the brother of the character presented by Menna Arafa, and the events of the series escalate when Muhammad Najati enters into conflicts with the character presented by Hajar Al-Sharnoubi.

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