Muhammad Ramadan kisses the hand of a girl.. and the audience rains hours on him at his concert in Iraq


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, posted a video clip of his concert in Baghdad, on his page on the photo-sharing application (Instagram).

And a video spread in which Muhammad Ramadan appears on the stage performing his singing, to be surprised by a woman carrying a bouquet of roses approaching him, so he bent down to take the roses and kissed the hand of the woman who danced with joy from the initiative that Ramadan took.

Followers interacted spontaneously with this video, and one of them mocked that the woman whose hand Ramadan kissed did not wash it about two days ago.In the same context, the Iraqi audience showered Muhammad Ramadan with the wristwatches that were thrown as a gift to him on the stage, as he took the initiative to pick them all while raising his hands high, saying: “It is enough that you do not simplify it more than that.”

The artist, Muhammad Ramadan, also delivered a speech in which he addressed the Iraqi audience, in which he said: “Is it your country and it is security and stability.. We are not wearing a protective gear or are afraid of something.. A people protects the state and protects its people and lands.. Trust in God Iraq is above.”

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the behavior of the audience by saying: “Many guys.. We and our young children were jostling with bricks.. Now we are jostling for Audemars hours.”

It is worth noting that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, ended his visit to Baghdad by publishing a video in which he appeared on his way to the airport, as he was keen to set the background for this video with the Iraqi national anthem.


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