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The movie “Musa” was shown during the summer cinema season of 2021 by Egyptian director Peter Mimi, starring Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Iyad Nassar and Asma Abu Al-Yazid, and it is currently shown exclusively on the Shahid platform, which was previously promoted under the slogan “The first Egyptian robot movie” and The first Egyptian superhero movie”, but it seems that these slogans could not save the film from the apathy of the audience, which is usually attracted to famous stars, while the heroes of the movie “Musa” were not bright enough in front of a season in which a movie by Mohamed Henedy and another by Tamer Hosni, for example. example.

The movie “Moses” and the non-superheroes

The story of the movie “Musa” by Peter Mimi revolves around Yahya, the introverted young man who suffers from a mental disorder and suffers from bullying at the university. Through technology, he manages to control a small robot he named “Musa” after his brother, who died before his birth.

After his father’s murder, he executes a giant copy of Musa to avenge his killers, and from here begins a set of repercussions, as the authorities search for the robot “Musa” and behind him, through the police officer Zakaria, played by Mahmoud Hafez, and with the help of university professor Faris presented by Iyad Nassar.

The film begins with a flash forward technique to show a glimpse of what will happen in the film, where we see Yahya and Faris, the heroes of the movie “Musa” and the point they will reach in their struggle, then we return again to the past to learn about the beginnings that led to this point, The film “Musa” then ranges between these two points.

The first problem with the movie “Mousa” is the poor dialogue that lists all the details through words, so the viewer learns about Yahyas life and history from his father’s words, which have no motive in the first place, because Yahya is supposed to know this information naturally about his life.

The dialogue extended to all the heroes of the movie “Musa”, especially Iyad Nassar, whose character was the most modest, without any real motives for all this evil that drives him in the film.

The characters of the movie “Musa” are very superficial, monolithic and stereotypical, such as the wise father, the sick son who is a victim of bullying, the supportive friend, and the beautiful girlfriend, then the evil, unmotivated Iyad Nassar, who tried to explain the reasons why he hates the hero Yahya and builds an enmity relationship between them, but there is no Anything that justifies this completely senseless character.

One of the very strange characters is “Rika”, the friend of the hero Yahya, played by Asma Abu Al-Yazid, a supportive character for the hero and his partner in his adventures, and came at the beginning of the movie with one scene showing the extent of her boldness and strength of her character with repeated visual details, such as the way her hair is styled or defending Yahya against the bullies, and then completely disappeared during the period in which Yahya was going through his greatest crises due to the death of his father and his attempt to take revenge, and then returned again.

The first problem with the movie “Mousa” is the poor dialogue that lists all the details through words (communication sites)

The movie “Moses” and starting where the others started

The movie “Moses” belongs to the type of superheroes, a genre that began with the cinema almost, disappeared and then revived again with the “Marvel” series, which began its cinematic world in 2008 with the movie “Iron Man”, and during the past 15 years, the beginning was The real return of this genre with “Marvel”, but it is not responsible for this development, but with other works such as “Logan” and “Deadpool”.

“Marvel” put in its first films the basic structure of these most successful and popular films, but the filmmakers were able to develop it, and the simple conflict between superheroes and villains turned into the emergence of the “Antihero” who suffers from existential struggles and other changes in this genre.

But when director Peter Mimi presented the movie “Moses”, he decided to return again to the same structure and form of films at the beginning of the millennium, and the special visual effects of the nineties, with a ready excuse, which is that it is the first Egyptian superhero movie, but is it isolated from the global experience?

It is assumed that cinema, like any other art, develops over the years, but Egyptian cinema has always decided to start where others started and not where they ended.

Peter Mimi, the director of the movie “Musa”, has boasted more than once about the advanced visual effects used in making the film, but in fact, compared to foreign films of this genre, it resembles old video games, despite being the most important attraction in the film in the absence of famous main actors .

Thus, far from being an Egyptian attempt to present superhero films, the film is basically full of problems in writing dialogue, characters and visual effects, all of which are not related to being a first experience in robot films or superheroes, but rather related to a weak cinematic industry in the first place.

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