North Korea .. “No Laughing” for 11 days


The Radio Free Asia website reported, citing sources inside North Korea During 10 days starting on December 17, citizens will be prohibited from showing anything in public except for their dignity.

A resident of the city of Sinuigo, which borders with ChinaDuring the mourning period, we should not drink alcohol, laugh or engage in recreational activities.

He added that grocery shopping is also prohibited on the day that marks the anniversary of the former leader’s departure.

He continued, “Even if a loved one dies during the mourning period, you are not allowed to cry out loud, and the body cannot be buried until after the mourning period is over.”

A resident of North Hamgyong Province in southwestern North Korea said that the police had already informed the public to look for people who did not show sadness properly.

“From December 1, they (the police) will have the task of prosecuting those who harm the mood of mass mourning,” he said.

In the past, many people were arrested while drinking alcohol, treated as “ideological criminals” and taken to a remote location and have not been seen since.

Kim Jong Il succeeded his father, the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, when he died in 1994, and remained the ruler of the country until 2011, when his son, the current ruler, Kim Jong Un, took power in the country.

Each year, the authority imposes days of mourning for the two late leaders, up to a week for the founding leader and usually 10 days for the father of the current leader, but his departure is still recent.

This year, the mourning appears to be a little longer as it marks the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s passing.

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