Nuclear missile.. Georgina tops the trend in Google with her daring look after appearing in the bathroom while raising her feet up in a shameful position


Supermodel Georgina Rodrigues topped the trend on social media and Google searches after she appeared in a shocking photo while sleeping on the bathroom floor, and closed her eyes as if she was asleep, wearing a short blue dress, with an open chest, and raising her feet on the wall in a bold position, with loose hair.


The picture spread on social networking sites, and it was extensively circulated by the followers, who commented on the strange picture, which was described as shameful because of her sleeping on the bathroom floor in an exciting and incomprehensible position, which made her top the conversations of activists and Google searches in order to know the origin of the picture and the reason for taking the bathroom place. To sleep and take pictures, and some suggested that they may have been taken from a photo session.

It is noteworthy that Georgina Rodriguez, recently reviewed her luxury car in several photos that she posted on her Instagram account, and appeared wearing wide tracksuits, and got out of the car in front of a large house believed to be her home with Cristiano Ronaldo in London, and the price of the car is not less than 200 thousand dollars .

Georgina and Ronaldo are waiting for the birth of twins, as Cristiano announced Georginas pregnancy with twins through a picture of them with an ultrasound image, as he revealed his love for Georgina and his attachment to her more than football goals.


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