Osama Al-Azhari: Karnak Temple, the pyramids, and the pharaonic mummies are not idols


He said Dr. Osama Al-Azhari, Adviser to the President of the Republic for Religious Affairs, that idols and idols are worshiped without God, while mummies are not worshiped without God, as well as Pharaonic statues, Karnak Temple and other monuments, indicating that the monuments in the Egyptian civilization are not worshiped without God Almighty.

He added, during his meeting with the media, Ramy Radwan, on the “Evening” program dmcwhich is broadcast on a channeldmc“There are books that said, and historical references and references that mentioned that the ancient Egyptians believed in monotheism and believed in the resurrection and the hereafter and the Day of Resurrection, and the book of the dead for the ancient Egyptians about the hereafter is almost the same as the words of the people of Islam about the resurrection, so the ancient Egyptian glorified after death and the idea of ​​unification.” .

He said: “Extensive reading in this field proves that the idea of ​​paganism is baseless, and decades ago there was a fierce campaign trying to question the Egyptian person about the institutions of his country, his history and himself. Country”.

He continued: “After they failed to question the country’s institutions, they resorted to questioning the history of the same Egyptian people, so they spread rumors about the October War and the building of the pyramids and others. They wanted the Egyptian person to come out and say that the history we are proud of is paganism and blasphemy, and whoever built that great civilization is not the Egyptians.” “.

He said: “What we saw in the opening of the road of rams, and in the procession of mummies, is an honorable thing of which we are proud, and put Egypt in a decent position and a message to the world that this country is managing its crises successfully, and it is able, under the difficult circumstances that the world suffers from, to organize those events that the world witnessed.” its effect.”

He added: “Imam bin Jarir al-Tabari said that our master Saad bin Abi Waqqas, when he conquered Persia, found the statues erected, so he left them and prayed the Muslims prayer, and did not destroy them. As for the Prophet, when our master Ali bin Abi Talib recommended demolishing the idols in the conquest of Makkah, because they were worshiped. In Persia, their temptation and worship of fire was, and they had no need for statues, so they were not demolished.

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