“Paradise my daughter, I will not exist” .. Iman Al-Hosary reveals the nightmare of her medical journey


“What mistake did my life make.. And all the time I was telling my sisters, I’m sure what I’m in is a nightmare.” With these words, Iman described the media. exclusive Details of her suffering during her treatment journey, which forced her to be absent from the media for several months due to a medical error she was subjected to while undergoing surgery.

Iman Al-Hosary, in her meeting with the “Her Excellency” program, presented by the artist, Esaad Younes, and will be shown next Monday, recounted many details about her treatment journey, most notably that she entered the operating room 7 times and each time she was subjected to a “bing kidney” for a period of 21 days. Missed 7 months.

The most cruel surprise to her as a mother, Iman Al-Hosari, lived in the hospital, and she said about her: “I heard and saw that they began to answer for my daughter.

It paves the way for her that her mother will no longer be around.

Iman Al-Hosary said that she was calling God and asking him: “Lord, I don’t want to go back like I used to, but come back well.”

The first appearance of the journalist, Iman Al-Hosary, after her recovery, was in the legendary ceremony of the opening of the Rams Road in Luxor.

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