Putin denies the flow of migrants to the European Union through Russia


Putin denies the flow of migrants to the European Union through Russia


Migrant crisis at Belarus’s border with the European Union – archive

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that Russia has not recorded any influx of asylum seekers to the European Union through its territory, expressing hope that the situation will not deteriorate in this regard.

“With regard to the flow of migration, we do not see the flow of migrants through Russia to Europe, and frankly, I very much hope that this situation will continue,” he said in a meeting with the head of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Society.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry announced last month that “the Moscow embassy in Warsaw has not received from the Polish authorities any notification of the arrest of any Russian citizen involved in the transfer of migrants through Belarus to Poland.”

“We have seen this information through the media, but the Polish authorities have not officially informed our embassy of anything like this,” said ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

And the media quoted the Polish border guards, “that its members have arrested Russia, Sweden and Lithuania, suspected of helping illegal immigrants cross the border to the European Union via Belarus.”

Source: “Novosti”

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