Queiroz: I am proud of the fighting spirit of the Egyptian national team players, and the position of the injured has not been determined yet


The Portuguese coach, Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Egyptian national team, said: “Before talking about anything, at the beginning of my speech, I would like to congratulate the players of the Egyptian team for what they did in Tuesday’s match against Algeria, which ended in a positive 1-1 draw in the third round of Group D in the Arab Cup. They deserve credit for the spirit and the fight.”

Carlos Queiroz added: “The atmosphere was great in the stadium, and I think that everyone who attended the match enjoyed it, and I also congratulate Algeria coach Madjid Bougherra On his wonderful team and I wish them all the best.” He added: “It is not easy to play a match like this with losing two players at once as a result of injury, but we dealt with the situation after the changes. With our fans who came to encourage us, they deserve this result for what they gave,” stressing: “The match ended in a draw, but in my opinion, football won the match, and I think that the fans who attended the match enjoyed the players and the performance of the two teams.”

And the coach of the Egyptian national team added: “So far, the possibility of his participation has not been clarified in the next match. We will watch him in training and decide after that.”

Queiroz confirmed: “We played well and controlled the game. The players deserve to celebrate after the game for what they did. We faced a strong opponent and appeared at a good technical level and were a strong club. I am proud to see this spirit from the players. Now we have to rest and prepare for matches that are completely different from the matches The group stage, whether in the quarter-finals or when we advance to the next rounds, and we will try to beat Jordan in the next match in order to qualify for the next rounds.”


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