Real Madrid opens fire: the Champions League is “shameful”, and so they deceived us


وصف Perez Monday’s Champions League round of 16 draw was “shameful”, and UEFA accused of “lying” after the draw was repeated.

A source from within the club told ESPN that “Aleuvia” lied to everyone by claiming that the error came from the external company that provided the lottery system, and the truth is that the error was from the officials during the lottery.

UEFA had held a draw that put Real Madrid in a relatively easy confrontation against Portuguese Benfica, before repeating the draw again, due to technical errors in choosing the teams, so that the “Royal” faced a very difficult confrontation against the star-studded French Paris Saint-Germain team.

Real Madrid submitted a request to maintain its confrontation with Benfica, because it was the first confrontation that was drawn by lot, so the technical error that occurred later does not affect the first confrontation.

But UEFA ignored Real Madrid’s demands, and decided to cancel the lottery completely and re-conduct it completely, which put Real Madrid in trouble by facing the “Paris battalion”.

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