Russian army receives seventh advanced flying radar


Russian army receives seventh advanced flying radar

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The company “Vega”, as a branch of the Russian state corporation “Rostec”, has delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces a seventh advanced flying radar.

It is a remote radar warning and guidance aircraft “A-50 or”.

The modernization of the “A-50O” was carried out in the framework of the program for the development and modernization of the Russian fleet of long-range radar warning aircraft. And the plane was able to detect new types of planes. It is also able to track a large number of air targets simultaneously and direct a larger number of fighters, compared to its predecessors.

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A spokesman for the Russian “Rostec” Corporation said that the developed flying radar has acquired modern electronic devices that are characterized by rapid reaction and superior productivity, which allowed to increase the capabilities of its software.

As for the aircraft itself, its weight decreased and its range of operation increased during the implementation of combat missions in the area assigned to it.

The General Director of “Vega” Vyacheslav Mikheev said that work to modernize the fleet of flying radars in Russia is continuing, and the company intends to launch an eighth developed flying radar by 2023.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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