She burned him alive for refusing to marry her.. The trial of the girl accused of killing her father


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Thursday 09 December 2021

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

Today, Thursday, the October Children’s Court will hear the first session of the trial of the girl accused of burning her father’s death in Bulaq El Dakrour, after claiming that he raped her.

The investigations conducted by the Child Prosecution Office in Giza with the accused, as she was not of legal age, revealed the full details of the crime that the accused carried out with the help of her lover. .

The investigations concluded that the accused, “Mena”, had killed her father, “Karim. S.” I took it from one of her neighbors and managed to kill him.

The investigations added that an emotional relationship arose between the accused and the accused, “Ahmed. Sh”, in which an incomplete sexual relationship occurred between them more than once, and she loved him and wanted to marry him, and when he proposed to her, the victim refused because she was a child, so she agreed with the accused to launch a rumor that contained a relationship They had a nationality between them to force her eligibility to marry him, and after implementing their plan and spreading the rumor, her father took her to a doctor and signed a medical examination on her and made sure that she was a virgin, so he insisted on refusing to marry, so the accused did not find a way for her but to take her father’s soul and took advantage of his sleep and poured gasoline around the edges of his hood and set it on fire .

By conducting an investigation with the 13-year-old girl, she confessed to the whole crime and said that her parents separated a long time ago and that she remained with her father and moved together to live in separate places. It directly affected their relationship together, as he was constantly assaulting her and talking to her with insults and insults, and forcing her to give him medical injections filled with a white substance. .

The girl added, that she continued to give him those injections while she was forced, and on one occasion, after taking that injection, he rolled on her stripped of his clothes and stripped her of her clothes by force and tried to intercourse with her, but he could not scream and call her for help and the pain she was exposed to, so he left her, and after that the hate possessed her Over the course of the four months preceding the crime, an emotional relationship developed between her and the accused, Ahmed, one of her neighbors on the floor above her, without her father’s knowledge.

The owner of the property said that the property was a legacy to him from his father and that two months ago, he rented the room, the location of the incident located on the ground floor of the victim, in which he resided with his daughter, and that since their residence they have not met and he has no information about him.

He added that at the moment of the incident while he was sleeping in his home, he heard a distress voice from his son, who told him that a fire had broken out in the victim’s house, so he rushed to investigate the matter, and saw thick smoke rising, so he and the youth of the area broke the door, and extinguished the fire with water, and when he entered the room, he was surprised by the charred victim. He went out again and saw his son holding the victim’s daughter, who told him that she was the one who set her father on fire.

The son of the property owner said that while he was in front of the house, the child from him came to him and asked for his lighter, so he gave it to her, and she returned to her house, and after a minute, she came out to him carrying her bags and returned to him his lighter, and it did not take a short time, until he rose from the window of the victim’s room, so he called his father and followed the accused until He managed to catch her, and when he asked her what she had done, she kept crying without answering.

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