She disappeared 20 years ago. The heroine of the movie “Antar Shail Seifah” appeared in a dire state, and the audience was in shock and amazement | look at the pictures


The artist Eva is one of the artists who, despite only presenting secondary roles, managed to draw the attention of the audience to her.

Her real name is Evelyn Mahrous Shaheen. She was born on April 16, 1953. She is now 67 years old. She was born in Qalyubia Governorate to a well-off family, and she received her education in foreign schools. Lays 1992.75194460

But her real launch was in the cinema through the movie Antar Shail Seifa with star Adel Imam, and she presented the character of Caroline and knew Eva by providing some seductive roles.

Actress Eva is Egyptian, but her features and her foreign accent, due to her studies in foreign schools, helped her to master the role of foreign girls, which is the reason for her success in the movie Antar Shail Seifa.

After this role, she presented many works, as it opened the way for her towards more roles. Among her most famous works are the movie “Passport Orfi”, “The Bride of the Sea”, “Transit Prisoner”.

In the plays, I presented Hello Doctor, in the afternoon, my brothers Hayes and I Lais, the Leader and Newlook.

Eva has also appeared in many series, including The Journey of Mr. Abu El-Ela Al-Bishri, Friends, Al-Masrawiya, Nice and His Days, Case of Lineage, Asmahan, Sunset Oasis, Seventh Neighbor, and Love Has One Last Chance.

A number of active accounts on the Instagram photo and video application circulated two photos, one of which is old and the other is recent, of the Egyptian artist Eva, who participated in the movie “Antar Shail Seifa”… Followers focused in their comments on the two photos on the changes in Evas appearance.

In this context, many saw that her features had changed a lot, while others indicated that she still retained some of her beauty despite advancing age.

It is noteworthy that Eva, whose real name is Evelyn Shaheen, started in the world of acting in 1978, but she only participated in a few television, film and theatrical works. Among the most prominent of these works was the play “Akhwiya Hayes and Ana Lais” alongside the able artist Samir Ghanem, which was shown in 1992.

She also appeared in the play “The Leader” with a minor role and in television works: “An Innocent Scream”, “There is a Wrong Need”, “The Journey of Mr. Abul-Ela Al-Bishr”, “The Case of Lineage”, “Asmahan” and “Wanis and his Days”.

It is noteworthy that the movie “Antar Shail His Sword” was produced in 1983 and starred Adel Imam, Noura, Mustafa Metwally and Hatem Zulficar.



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