She got married 5 times, one of them when she was a child, and another to Laila Elwi’s brother, who converted to Islam because he loved her and she died a few days ago!


A rich life and an artistic and human journey for the great artist Suhair Al-Babli A rich life and an artistic and human journey made her a symbol of joy, love, happiness and smiling.

Suhair was married 5 times in her life, and Suhair’s Babylonian husbands agreed on her love, respect and appreciation, even after her divorce from them, and they did not mention her or mention them except with all the best.

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The great artist Suhair Al-Babli was crowned for the first time at the age of 16 by businessman Mahmoud Al-Naqouri, who is the father of her only daughter, Nevin, but they separated because of his refusal to complete her artistic career, which she insisted on while he wanted to devote herself to her home and her daughter only, and he left her.

In her second marriage, Suhair al-Babli was associated with the great composer, the genius and light-hearted, Munir Murad, the brother of the great artist Laila Murad, who some indicated that he converted to Islam in order to marry her because he loved her very much. About her, and Suhair al-Babli was a fan of his sister, the guitar, Laila Murad, and she met him at one of the parties that she was keen to attend.

For the third time, she married the great artist Suhair Al-Babli after her divorce from Munir Murad, “the jeweler” Ashraf Al-Sirjani. After his death, she married for the fourth time to businessman Mahmoud Ghoneim.

The last of the fifth and last Babylonian marriages was from the great artist Ahmed Khalil, who was at the beginning of his artistic life and preceded him in fame, and there were differences between them and the divorce occurred, but the late artist kept reminding her of good until his death due to a health crisis.

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