Simple steps to protect from “Omicron” and the whole Corona family


The World Health Organization responded to the questions common among people about the most effective way to combat “Omicron”, and confirmed that some simple steps protect against this emerging variable, as well as from previous mutations, whether “beta” or “delta” or the entire Corona family.

And the organization explained in tweets through its official account on “Twitter” that “the most effective steps to combat “Omicron”, lie in continuing to receive vaccines, and wearing masks appropriately,” stressing that the rest of the measures taken to avoid Corona injuries with all its variants, also apply to “the guest.” The new”, which is avoiding crowds and crowded places, maintaining distance, in addition to opening windows, ventilating rooms and offices, and finally washing hands and using sanitizers.

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As for sneezing or coughing, it is always advised, as the organization has repeatedly emphasized, to cover the mouth.

It is reported that the World Health Organization had confirmed last Monday, that “Omicron is a very different mutant, and it contains a high number of copies, some of which are worrisome and may be linked to the possibility of escaping from the immune system and increasing transmission of infection.”

In this context, “AstraZeneca”, “Pfizer/Piontech”, “Moderna” and “Novavax” have expressed confidence in their ability to combat this mutator.

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