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Saturday 04 December 2021

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

The young Tunisian director, Mehdi Hamili, who participated in the film “Atyaf” in the Arab Cinema Horizons competition at the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival, said that he showed the film 11 years ago to the great artist Nour El Sherif.

He continued in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”: “The film’s journey is long, its story began in 2010, I was in Egypt and was unable to return to Tunisia due to the political circumstances, and I proposed the work at that time to the artist Nour Sharif, who welcomed me in his home and welcomed me very much, as If he was receiving a great director, Atef Al-Tayeb or Youssef Chahine, and I offered him the role of the father.”

Mahdi indicated that he was 23 years old at the time, and he recently collected him with Nour about football, and the latter showed him his pictures in his office, and his memories with directors he collaborated with.

Regarding Nour El-Sharif’s comment on the script of the film Atyaf, he said: He told me a sentence and an expression that I will not forget (this is a very silent role, and you write a different cinema from the one we present in Egypt), he was a kind and humble person, I always remember my meeting with him.

Mahdi stated the reason for not implementing the film, explaining, “Because of the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt, and I was then able to return to my country, and the scene had changed, and the film was difficult and I decided to work on another film, to return to present Atyaf as a producer after years, but the artist Nour Sharif had Gone”.

“Atyaf”, written and directed by Mahdi Hamili, starring Afaf bin Mahmoud, Sarah Hanachi, Salim Bakkar, Zaza.

Mahdi Hemaili


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