Sweden raises the level of alert of its forces due to the situation in Ukraine


Sweden raises the level of alert of its forces due to the situation in Ukraine

TT News Agency/Fredrik Sandberg via REUTERS

Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Army, Michael Boden

The Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Army, Michael Boden, announced today, Saturday, that Stockholm is ready for “all scenarios for the development of the situation” around Ukraine.

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German newspaper: NATO raises combat readiness of rapid response forces due to Russia

In statements to the Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”, the military commander said that he considers the crisis around Ukraine very dangerous, saying: “We have raised the readiness of our forces to a degree appropriate to the conditions of the current situation, it is dangerous and worrying. Of course, we are doing more now, and we are ready to move Faster than usual. We are prepared for all scenarios that develop the situation, including near our borders.”

Boden indicated that the measures taken to raise the level of alert include the strategic island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, to which Sweden returned military forces in 2015, in response to a parliament’s decision to protect the security of this island from any potential threat.

The Swedish Commander-in-Chief said: “In the conditions of tension in Ukraine and in Europe, it is natural that measures to ensure combat readiness also include Gotland and the Baltic Sea. We must be ready to act on various tracks.”

Recently, in Western countries and Ukraine, you hear allegations about a possible “Russian invasion” of Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said previously that these statements are baseless and aimed at escalating the situation, noting that Russia does not intend to invade any country. However, Peskov did not rule out the possibility of provocations for the purpose of justifying these allegations, warning that attempts to resolve the crisis by force in the Donbas region (southeast of Ukraine) would have dire consequences.

He added that Moscow is striving to help Kiev in settling the conflict in Donbass, stressing his country’s adherence to diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in Donbass within the “Normandy formula” (Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine) and the texts of the Minsk agreements on settling this dispute.

Source: “TASS”

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