The discoverer of the Pfizer vaccine reveals the ability of Omicron to penetrate the vaccinated people


The head of the German Biontech company, Ugur Sahin, said that it has not yet been confirmed that the immunity of the vaccinated from serious symptoms, if they were infected with the Omicron mutant.

He added, Shaheen, whose company invented The vaccine that his company makes with Pfizer, that Omicron is capable of infecting those vaccinated.

And he explained in his statements, today, Friday, that he believes that the world needs a new vaccine against Corona, “but we do not know when we will need it.”

He pointed out that the world needs to increase the vaccination rate globally to confront the new mutation.

He explained that his company may be able to modify its vaccine against the Corona virus relatively quickly to combat the new mutant, Omicron.

“This strain may be able to infect the vaccinated. We expect that those who have received the vaccine will be protected from severe symptoms of the disease,” he added.

Pfizer previously created two new versions of its vaccine against the delta and beta mutants, but they were not used.

If the need arises, “we will have a serious vaccine within 95 days,” said Albert Borla, president of Pfizer.

He stressed that his company has the capacity, when needed, to produce four billion doses next year.

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