The first pictures of a bus collision on Abu Simbel Road in Aswan


“The Seventh Day” transmits the first images that monitor a bus collision on Abu Simbel-Aswan Road, which resulted in dozens of injuries and 6 deaths.

The outcome of the two buses colliding on Abu Simbel Aswan, on Thursday evening, resulted in the death of 6 people and the injury of 44 others.

On Thursday evening, Abu Simbel Road, south of Aswan, witnessed a bus collision near the 85th kilometer, which resulted in deaths and injuries among passengers, and a number of ambulances were dispatched to transport the injured to nearby hospitals.

The Aswan Ambulance Facility, under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed El-Dakhili, the director of the facility, received a report from Amr Ahmed Musharraf, the governorate ambulance, stating that there had been a collision between two buses on the “Aswan-Abu Simbel” road, which resulted in the injury of approximately 44 people and the death of 6 others, the initial toll. The total number of injured is being counted.

The injured were transferred from the site of the accident to Aswan University Hospital to receive the necessary medical care, and the deceased were transferred to the Aswan General Mortuary, and the necessary measures were taken regarding the accident.

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