The head of the “water stations” explains the reasons for canceling the tender for the development of water stations


10:48 PM

Sunday 05 December 2021

Books – Mohamed Salah:

Engineer Hesham Kamel, head of the Water Power Plants Company for Electricity Production, said that the cancellation of the tender for the development of electric power plants in the High Dam and Aswan Reservoir 1 and 2, which the company announced last September, is due to weak competition among the applicants after receiving the companies offers, noting that he only submitted 4 alliances and companies to compete for the tender only, despite the fact that more than 22 entities obtained the terms of reference.

Kamal indicated in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the four alliances that submitted the tender did not meet the conditions required in the terms of reference, except for only one of the 4 entities competing for the tender, forcing the company to cancel the tender, noting that the tender was re-submitted. Again, it was announced a few days ago.

He stressed that the door will be reopened to receive offers after amending its requirements to attract more competitors to obtain the best technical and financial offers, pointing out that the new tender conditions brochure asks the company and the last date for submitting offers will be on December 21.

He explained that the development of the High Dam power station will replace 12 transformers, in addition to replacing 5 other transformers with the Aswan Dam 1 power station, in addition to replacing two other transformers with the Aswan Dam 2 power station.

The head of the company explained that the rehabilitation of these stations will raise their capacity, pointing out that this comes within the framework of the agreement signed with the German Development Bank KFW, explaining that the project will be financed through a loan from the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

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