The most famous officer in Egyptian cinema… After ignoring young directors, he left art and worked in a grocery store


The image of the artist Hussein Sharif, the most famous officer in Egyptian cinema, has returned to spread through various social media platforms over the past few days again. Where the mighty Egyptian artist appeared this time to reveal his suffering.

How many stars loved cinema, but betrayed him and left him alone in the middle of the road; He does not know what to do. The artist Hussein Sharif was among those young men who possessed a special charisma and an attractive body preferred by directors’ lenses. Although his roles were simple and secondary, we all remember him in the white officer’s uniform that made us all convinced that this is his main profession.

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The Egyptian artist revealed, in recent television statements, that he left art because of the lack of roles that he was offered, and decided to work in his own grocery store in Marsa Matrouh Governorate.

The Egyptian artist said in televised statements that he dreams of returning again to participate in artistic works; Where he said: “I am representing myself again, and this time I will play the role of a dean.

Hussein Sharif was born in Shubra neighborhood, and was born on March 25, 1956.

A passion for acting since childhood; But he studied at law school; Where he obtained a Bachelor of Laws and then turned to acting.

The beginning of his artistic career was in the seventies, specifically in 1977; Where he made small roles in a number of films during this period.

The late director Hassan Al-Imam was the first to present him in the cinema through the famous movie “With Parents Ehsan” with the late Farid Shawqi and Suhair Ramzy. He was famous for his role as the officer in cinema and television; Where he presented more than 300 artistic works between film and television.

His most notable films are “The Elves” with Madiha Kamel and “The Strongest Men” with Nour El Sharif, “Karkoun in the Street.” He also participated in television through the series “Raafat Al-Hagan”, the first part, Abu Al-Ela Al-Bishra, Dreams of the Flying Boy, and his last work was in 2012, where he participated in the series “Ahl Al-Hawa”. With the late Farouk El-Fishawy, he left Cairo and settled in Marsa Matrouh after he stopped working in art. He is registered as a member of the Syndicate of Acting Professions and receives a monthly pension of only 700 pounds.

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