The mother of the Ismaili serial killer in the prosecution’s investigations: I took him out of the sanatorium for money


“The Seventh Day” publishes the text of the Public Prosecution’s investigations, with “Amal A.A.”, 50 years old, housewife, mother of Abdel Rahman Nazmi, known as Abdel Rahman Dabour, accused in the Ismailia massacre, which is scheduled to be issued by the first Ismailia Criminal Court, headed by Counsellor Ashraf Muhammad Ali Hussein, and the membership of advisors Walaa Wajdi Taher, Yasser Hosni Madbouly, Ahmed Serry El-Gamal, and the secretariat of Haitham Omran, ruled today, Thursday, in the third session of his trial for deliberately killing a citizen, and attempting to kill two others in the middle of the street in Ismailia.

The mother of the Ismaili serial killer said, during the prosecution’s investigations, that she did not know the victim and there was no known connection between them, and also confirmed that there had been no problem before between her son, the accused in the accident and the victim, adding in the Public Prosecution’s investigations, that her son was addicted to drug abuse. She deposited him in one of the addiction treatment clinics on the “Ismailia-Suez” road, and then took him out because she was unable to pay the costs of depositing him in the clinic.

The text of the investigation was as follows:

Q: What is your relationship with the accused, Abdul Rahman Nazmi Muhammad?

A: My son

Q: What is your information about the incident under investigation?

A: What happened is that on Monday 1/11/2021, around 3 pm, I was staying at home, and my son Abdullah, he told me that there was one in the market, he said that Abdul Rahman is suffocating and one death looks like, I was afraid, but then My son Abdullah guided me, and said that the man who was beaten is in the hospital, and I do not know what happened, and I heard that there were videos spread, but I did not see anything from them..

Q: When and where did it happen?

A: This talk happened on 11/1/2021, around 3 pm, in my house in the Obour neighborhood.

Q: Did you witness the incident under investigation when it happened?

A: No, I did not see anything, and I do not know what happened.

Q: Are there any relationship or differences between you and the deceased victim, Ahmed Muhammad Siddiq?

A: No, I don’t know.

Q: What is the nature of your son’s relationship with the deceased victim? Are there differences between them?

A: No, I do not know that there is any need between them, and what we know is that his brother Issam, and another brother named Hassan, and what I know is that my son Abdul Rahman has been dealing with them for a long time..

Q: Are there differences between your accused son and the victim’s brother?

A: No, I have never seen a problem between them.

Q: Does your son take narcotics?

A: Yes, he used to drink drugs, and I have been in a sanatorium for about a year, for treatment of the drugs he drinks.

Q: What drug is your son taking specifically?

A: I don’t know what exactly he drinks.

Q: How did you find out about your son’s use of narcotics, then?

A: Because his longevity was good and calm, and then he started to be nervous, and people and his sisters were saying that he was drinking drugs, and needed treatment, and that’s why I told him to take him to a sanatorium and follow him.

Q: Have you seen any evidence that your son has taken narcotic drugs?

A: I did not notice a change in his behavior, but he remained more nervous.

Q: What is the name of the medical place in which you deposited your son at that time, and where is it located specifically?

A: I do not remember her name, but she is at the Sinai Bridge in Abu Balah, the center of Ismailia

Q: And when exactly did you deposit your son in that place?

A: About a year or more ago.

Q: How long did your son stay in that place?

A: He sat for two and a half months.

Q: Has your son completed his treatment in that place?

A: No, we took him out, because I didn’t have any money, and when he came out, he was fine.

Q: And what did the people in charge of that place tell you about your son’s condition specifically?

A: They did not understand me any details about his condition, and they always reassured me that he was just fine.

Q: What is the condition of your son after he left that place, and until the date of the commission of the incident under investigation?

A: When he came out, his condition was very good, and he was fine for about 10 months, and about two months later, he started to change, and he started to transform, and I did not understand his money..

Q: What are the signs of change that you have noticed in your son recently, about two months ago, according to you?

A: He was shouting solidly, and once he stood in the middle of the street, and he sat chanting, saying the Qur’an in a loud voice, and he spoke words that were not understood at many times, like for example that once he said that you look like a witch, and once he said, “Lock the door because there are people coming to kill you, and another time he went out.” His t-shirt is in the middle of the 20th Street, and someone who knows him ran to the house and was suffering from hallucinations and saw things that were not there, and he was talking to himself at other times..

Q: What action did you take as a result of the change in your son’s condition?

A: We made him a sheikh, and when he saw him, he told him that he had gone crazy and fled, but Abdel Rahman said that this Sheikh did not understand anything, and he did not want him again.

Q: Were there any hostile actions or actions taken by your son towards you or towards anyone?

A: I have not seen anything like this other than nervousness and squawking.

Q: What do you say about what your son accused of the investigations decided by his acknowledgment of committing the incident under investigation, and his habit of practicing fornication with the victim, and that he committed the incident to threaten the victim by exposing his case and revealing that matter?

A: This is not true, and my son’s age does not do anything like this, and he says any words.

Q: What do you say about what the witnesses have decided that the accused, when he committed the incident under investigation, was repeating, “This raped my mother and my sister”?

A: This is not what he said. He hallucinates and says what words, and our Lord knows his condition.

Q: When exactly was the last time you saw your son before the incident under investigation?

A: I saw him while he was leaving the house on Monday 2/11/2021, at 9 am.

Q: Where did your son go at that time?

A: He said that he was going to work.

Q: Were there any belongings, belongings or weapons that your son had at that time?

A: I did not see that he had a need or had a need.

Q: And did you ask your son to buy some knives for your home use?

A: I did not ask for anything like this.

Q: What do you say about what your son decided during the investigations that he obtained the seized white weapons in his possession upon your request to use them for household purposes such as cutting meat?

A: No, this is not the case.

The video clip of the crime was shown to the accused’s mother, and she was asked, What did you say in the previous clip that he showed you?

A: Yes, this is my son, but I don’t know if he brought this bag and knives from where.

Q: What do you say about the hair iron presented to you?

A: Yes, this is the iron, I saw it in the abode of Abdul Rahman before that.

Q: And did you ask your accused son about the reason for the presence of that iron?

A: No, because he brings a lot of junk to put in his bathroom, and I asked him about this iron.

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