The professor in “La casa de papel” affected by the end of the series and his separation from his colleagues: “We may not see each other for a while.”


“La casa de papel”, the famous Spanish series, the second part of the last season of it began to be shown this Friday morning on the Netflix platform, amid a warm welcome, and the name of the series topped the trend as soon as the episodes in which we bid farewell to the famous series began to be shown.

“La casa de papel” the audience’s talk after the show of the last season

In conjunction with the “La casa de papel” show, the hero of the work, Alvaro Morte, known as the Professor, revealed the scenes of the last day of filming the events of the last season and his feelings towards the end of the work completely, and confirmed that he received a message from the work book, but he was unable to read it for a few minutes because he could not prevent himself from crying, according to what he told wionews.

Alvaro Morte reveals his feelings at the end of filming “La casa de papel”

He pointed out that the famous series has a great impact on his life and considers the last season as a farewell to his colleagues, who may not have seen them all together for a long time in the coming years.
Alvaro Morte had published a set of photos through his official account on Instagram, to promote the latest episodes of the series, and he appeared in it with the rest of the crew at a party held two days ago to celebrate the end of the famous series, and Alvaro wrote in the comment on the pictures: “We are almost finished, thank you all, You will always be in my heart.” Alvaro Morte appeared with the heroes of the famous series, as he wants everyone to know how the most famous band of thieves will end up, especially after things got worse when the professor made the biggest mistake of his life.

Exciting events in “La casa de papel”

The events of the first part of the fifth and final season of the series La Casa De Papel dealt with the detention of the gang inside the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours, and they managed to save Lisbon, but they lost one of the gang members, which represents the most difficult moments they faced, and in spite of that, in addition to To their greatest challenge yet, the gang is forced to devise a plan to get the gold out without anyone noticing.

As for this part, it consists of 5 episodes, and its story revolves around the events that occurred after Tokyo (Úrsula Corbero) passed away, amid threats to arrest the gang.

Pictures from Alvaro Morte’s Instagram account


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